Organizing charitable Projects for people in need

Organizing Charitable Projects for People in Need

Our team at Esperanza Hope does diverse charity work for underprivileged individuals in different communities. Feeding programs and other activities for vulnerable families in areas like Rhode Island is our way of feeding those who are hungry and showing support to those who are less fortunate.

Impactful Charitable Services

We visit homeless families in our local community to give them food, clothing, shoes, and personal care items each month.

Every year, we visit different elementary schools in Rhode Island during their welcome back-to-school celebration and give out various educational supplies.

Our nonprofit organization offers a free five-week visual art program for low-income children in Rhode Island.

We conduct safety workshops at local elementary schools where the students and their parents learn about different topics with the help of public servants. Some examples of these seminars are the following:

  • Stranger Danger Taught by Local Police Officers
  • Internet Safety Taught by Lieutenants
  • Fire Safety Taught by the Local Fire Department
  • Safe Routes to School for Kids and Walking School Buses

Parents can also obtain a complete I.D. Kit or CD for their children, which include the record of their kids' fingerprints that is free of charge.

Our charity plans a completely free community event with food and entertainment during Easter. We organize activities, such as:

  • Egg Hunt
  • Face Painting
  • Picture Taking With the Easter Bunny
  • Games

During Thanksgiving, many individuals give thanks for their life blessings while others feel the pain of need. Our charity organizes a program where we feed disadvantaged families, who might otherwise go hungry on Thanksgiving Day, in Rhode Island, and other communities. This project is also our way of showing kindness and support to less fortunate individuals.

Many people in need do not have a lot to look forward to during the holiday season. In the true spirit of Christmas, our organization surprises disadvantaged families in Rhode Island with gifts for their children.

Presents Gifts
We surprise kids on the streets, shelters, schools, churches, and Children’s Hospital with school supplies, clothing, toys, sports equipment, and more.

Stands With Local Organizations
Our charity supports Casa Nazaret, a shelter for disabled and abandoned children in the Dominican Republic.

Coordinates Informative Seminars
We conduct a conference for teenagers about dealing with issues, such as sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancy prevention. Our “Raising Awareness for Teen” program aims to help the youth realize the importance of having a life with a purpose and taking care of their health. In this project, each teenage girl receives a bag with health information, feminine hygiene products, makeup, and more.

Continuing Charity Work During the COVID-19 Crisis

Homeless and low-income families need our assistance now more than ever. During this pandemic, we aid in feeding these vulnerable individuals by conducting weekly food distributions.

About Us

Esperanza Hope is a volunteer-based organization that focuses on promoting the inner transformation of improvement for disadvantaged families through community services and acts of kindness. We use one hundred percent of the donations, grants, and money raised for their intended purposes in our programs.

Get Involved

Help us continue to assist underprivileged individuals. Contact us to learn more. You can also support our cause by making a donation of any amount.