Gallery Christmas Party 2017 Bonao, Dominican Republic

Celebrating Christmas 2017 in Bonao City

Spreading Love on Christmas Eve 2017 in Bonao City, Dominican Republic, enjoying #EsperanzaHope & #Lightsandsirensinternational Christmas Party 2017 for children in need. The children are enjoying our traditional Dominican Christmas eve’ s meal, music, games, and each child is receiving a new toy, a book, and clothing. Christmas is about being thankful for what we have and sharing our time and talents with others. On behalf of #EsperanzaHope #Lightsandsirensinternational we woul like to say THANK YOU to our special angel in Bonao City Lic. Yomayra Vicente and her family for all her hard work and dedication, for helping us bring JOY to children in need, Merry Christmas Everyone! Feliz Noche Buena y Feliz Navidad! We are truly blesse!