Gallery 12-17-17 Serving Our Local Homeless

12-17-17 Serving Our Local Homeless

Today, 12/17/17 was a cold, busy, blessed morning. Giving back to our local homeless during the Friendship Breakfast not only feels good, but it also teaches us to be thankful for what we have and sharing our time and talents with others. Special THANKS to CJ Caruolo for your hard work and commitment to #EsperanzaHope for collecting sooo many items for the homeless at Moses Brown School during these past weeks. Jan D Armor thank you for the gloves, hats, & socks. Lisa Mancini thank you for all the towels. THANK YOU ALL for joining this string of good deeds and Thank you for all the donations. Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Together we do make the difference! Christen Sherman, Scott Budnick, Ricky Caruolo, Ibn Bakari, Glenda Hiciano, July Gutierrez #EsperanzaHope #love #passion #Commitment #Nonprofit #friendship #thankful #donations