The objectives of Esperanza-Hope are:
1. To promote the general well-being of children in RHODE ISLAND and in the poorest communities of different countries.
2. To support, inspire and improve educational opportunities for children in the poorest communities of different countries.
3. To give hope and a positive vision for the future of children in need and those who are underprivileged.
4. To give low income children of different countries some hope and happiness by providing charitable services to them, including school supplies, clothing, toys, etc.

Our future efforts include continuing:

*donating school supplies to a local elementary school in Rhode Island;

*providing the free five weeks acrylic art program for low income children in Rhode Island;

*visiting public libraries and public school to give them free books, school supplies and toys.

* visiting our local homeless in Rhode Island once a month and give them clothing, shoes and first aid items;

*surprising low income families in Rhode Island on Christmas’ day with gifts for their children.

* visiting and surprising needy children in the Dominican Republic once a year.

In order to meet our missions and provide services to children locally, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. All contributions will be gladly accepted and duly appreciated. Every gift, no matter how small, makes an enormous difference; the effects of your gifts are both immediately felt and incredibly far-reaching.

Los objetivos de Esperanza-Hope son:

1. Promover el bienestar general de los niños en RHODE ISLAND y en las comunidades mas pobres de diferentes paises.
2. Apoyar, estimular y mejorar las oportunidades educativas para los niños en las comunidades mas pobres de diferentes paises.
3. Darle esperanza y una visión positiva para el futuro a los niños necesitados y a los desfavorecidos.
4. Dar a los niños de bajos ingresos de diferentes paises, algo de esperanza y felicidad, proporcionando servicios de caridad para ellos, incluyendo materiales escolares, juguetes educativos,  ayuda con la financiación de los gastos de educación, zapatos y ropa.
5. Mejorar los programas educativos a través de voluntarios y asistencia financiera.